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Puzzle Solving Tips

How do you solve puzzles? Well, there are three things you need:
  • A clear understanding of the rules of the puzzle
  • A knowledge of strategies you can use to solve the puzzles
  • Lots of practice!

In this section we aim to equip you with the first two of the above, then link to a book containing nothing but that particular puzzle type to give you lots of solving practice and become a puzzle guru! Please click the relevant link below for the puzzle you are interested in:

Killer Sudoku Book

Like to practice these strategies? Try our book of killer sudoku containing 100 fantastic puzzles! We also have Large Print Killer Sudoku available for those who prefer a larger print size.

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For individuals with comments, questions or ideas with regard to our puzzle books, or if you would like to request a personalised version of any book (eg Daniel's Book of Sudoku) then please use this Contact Form to drop us a line.

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