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Codeword a Day 2024
Codeword a Day 2024
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Wordsearch a Day 2024
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Logic Puzzles for Adults
Crossword a Day 2024
Crossword a Day 2024
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Relaxing Dot to Dots
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Kriss Kross a Day 2024
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Arrow Word Puzzles

Gift Ideas 2021

Our 2021 puzzles range make fantastic gifts for any puzzle lovers, and are also great if you're a puzzle fan yourself and are looking for an enjoyable collection of lots of puzzles to provide some moments of relaxation and enjoyment during the course of the year. We've created a range of books featuring all your favourite puzzles. Here are a selection of them:

Codewords a Day 2021

Codewords a Day 2021 contains a total of 366 codeword puzzles - one for every day of the year!

If you're a codewords fan, we're sure you'll love this book, which also makes a fantastic gift idea for any codeword fan. Simply crack the code and work out which letter is represented by each number from 1-26 in order to solve the puzzle and reveal the completed crossword grid.

View Codeword a Day on Amazon.co.uk >>>

codewords book /

Crosswords a Day 2021

We're delighted to announce the release of our popular daily quick crossword puzzle book for 2021.

If you enjoy solving quick crosswords in your daily newspaper, then this could be the ideal book to keep you occupied throughout 2021. With a total of 366 puzzles to solve, there are plenty of crosswords here to provide solving pleasure through the year. An ideal gift for crossword fans, too!

View Crosswords A Day on Amazon.co.uk >>>

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Sudoku a Day 2021

Sudoku a day contains 122 easy sudoku, 122 medium sudoku and 122 hard sudoku puzzles. They cycle in order easy, medium, hard, and all solutions are included at the back of the book so it's easy to check your solution or if you get stuck to have a sneak peek and have a helping hand.

For fans of sudoku puzzles then this could make a great gift or stocking filler.

View Sudoku A Day on Amazon.co.uk >>>

sudoku book /

Wordsearch a Day 2021

Are you a fan of word search puzzles, or do you know someone who is? This could be the perfect present for yourself if you're a fan of these absorbing puzzles, or as a gift to someone you know who is!

Every puzzle has a theme, and there is a fun and diverse mix of topics covered so you can enjoy solving 366 themed puzzles throughout the course of the year. Every puzzle is dated from 1st January 2021 through to 1st January 2022 so with a puzzle a day you'll be a wordsearch-solving expert if you complete the whole book and find all the words!

View Wordsearch A Day on Amazon.co.uk >>>

wordsearch book /

Plus many more...

Other books in the range include the following:

Don't see your favourite puzzle type above? Then either search on Amazon, or contact us and let us know and we'll see what we can do!

kriss kross book /

Children's 2021 Word of the Day 2021

If you're looking for a fun, interesting and yet educational gift for a child, then we hope you'll find this an appealing gift! Children's word of the day features a new and interesting word for every day of the year, along with three possible definitions. The idea is to work out which is the correct definition, and then learn it!

This is an enjoyable way of expanding vocabulary in a memorable way, and a lot more appealing than simply being given a wordlist. The more words we know the better and more expressive our communication can be, so we hope this give will be fun, interesting and above all educational.

View children's word of the day on Amazon.co.uk >>>

childrens word of the day book /

Other Gift Ideas

Buying for Gran or Grandad? We have a fun range of gift books featuring sudokus, crosswords, wordsearches and codewords. Just search on Amazon for your relative's name together with the words 'Clarity Media' to see the books we have available.

Here are the links to the crossword and sudoku books:

Grandad's crossword book /

General Knowledge Quiz 1

In our new series of videos, you can learn about new puzzle types and take part in quizzes. Why not have a watch?

Welcome to our first general knowledge quiz! This quiz contains a range of 20 general knowledge questions for you try and pit your wits against - how close to a perfect score can you get?

If you are a publisher looking to purchase puzzles for publication, or a license to use material from our books, please use this Contact Form to get in touch.

For individuals with comments, questions or ideas with regard to our puzzle books, then please use this Contact Form to drop us a line.

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