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Children's Personalised Puzzle Book

"My daughter Alyssa loves puzzles and it was by chance that I came across this book. She absolutely loves it and it being personalised with her name makes it even more special. Lots to do and keeps her entertained for hours. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ " - Emily

Looking for a great personalised gift for your children or perhaps for the birthday of one of your children's friends? It can be tricky to know what to buy - and even more so if you want a personalised gift. How about this fun collection of 100 personalised puzzles for a child with an enquiring mind? Fun and educational and a great gift idea all at once!

Each puzzle book contains 20 themed wordsearch puzzles. These are all themed around the name, so it's not just the front cover that's themed - the child's name is referred to throughout. For instance, "Daniel's Awesome Book of Puzzles" contains 20 themed 'Daniel' wordsearch, where the grid is packed full of the letters of the name Daniel, but the name is only hidden once in the grid!

Puzzles include:

Sudoku - place 1-6 into each row, column and 3x3 box
Find The Word - eg find AMY or JOHN in the grid
Mazes - can you find your way out the maze?
Number Pyramid - fun maths puzzles, great addition practice
Word Finder - Make as many words as you can - great vocabulary puzzle
Spot The Difference - can you find all the differences?
Dot To Dot - connect the dots to draw the outline of a picture

These unique personalised puzzle books are perfect for that special birthday or of course also a gift for another important occasion - such as a Christmas present!

We have a huge range of pre-existing names available for those who are looking for a gift in a hurry. You can view the whole list of names current available. Or,to see if the name you're after is currently available, please enter it in the box below:


If you would like to look inside a personalised book before buying, please click the link below:

Personalised Puzzle Book (Amy) Sample

Please note that if the name you are after isn't currently available, then it's not a problem. We know that the range of names out there is massive, and that therefore it would never be possible to cover all possible names in advance. That's why we are offering a service where we will create a book of puzzles for any name that you would like. We'll create the book, upload it to Amazon, and let you know when it is available for you to buy. Best of all, there's no additional charge for this service: the listing price on Amazon will be the same as all existing children's named books in this range. If you'd like to take advantage of this fantastic offer while it lasts, then please just Contact Us and let us know the name of your child, and we'll get their Awesome Book of Puzzles created just as soon as we can.

Personalised Puzzle Book Cover (Boys)

Personalised Puzzle Book Cover (Girls)

Personalised Puzzle Book interior

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