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Wordsearch Puzzle Books for Adults

Wordsearch puzzles are one of the most popular of all puzzle types. They are both relaxing and enjoyable to solve, and can also be educational. And every puzzle is different, both in terms of covering a different topic, and the position of the words and letters that constitute the grid making every puzzle different to the previous one to solve.

We have a large range of different wordsearch puzzles available - whilst many of these use standard wordsearch rules, that's not the case with all of them, so if you're after something a little trickier or just a bit different, then we hope we have something to tempt you among the choices listed below.

The list below is far from exhaustive, so if there's a particular wordsearch variant or theme you are looking for then do contact us and we'll let you know if we already have that book, and if not - all ideas are always welcome for new wordsearch books!

Wordsearch a Day 2022

This is the latest addition to our popular puzzle a day range. Wordsearch a day 2022 contains 366 puzzles, one for each day of 2022 and a bonus for 1st January 2023. You must simply find each of the words in the grid, which may be hidden horizontally, vertically or diagonally and in either a forwards or backwards direction. Every puzzle in the book has a different theme.

We have also included all the solutions at the back of the book, so it is easy to find out if your answers are correct or locate that pesky final missing entry!

wordsearch a day 2022 book /

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500 Wordsearch Puzzle Book for Adults

This is a big book that contains a whopping 500 wordsearch puzzles - with 20 words per grid to find, that gives a massive 10,000 words to find across all the puzzles. That's sure to last even the most enthusiastic wordsearch solver a considerable time! Every puzzle is themed, so we hope you'll find the most interesting and a relaxing solve:

500 huge book of wordsearch /

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Shaped Wordsearch for Kids

This is a lovely little book for children, with 50 themed wordsearch puzzles.

Unlike regular wordsearch puzzles that are played on standard square or rectangular grids, every grid in this book is shaped - so for instance a puzzle about dogs might have a dog-shaped grid, and so on. With a range of child-friendly themes, and attractive grid art throughout, this is a great gift idea for any child who enjoys word search puzzles.

shaped wordsearch book /

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Large 3D Wordsearch Puzzles

If you enjoy solving wordsearch puzzles, but are looking for more of a challenge, then have you considered going to the third dimension?

That's right, you can solve wordsearch puzzles in 3D with this fun book! Puzzles appear on a cube-shaped grid, so rather than a flat square, the answers here can wrap around the edges of the grid (look at the cover to see how it works) making them somewhat trickier to solve!

3D wordsearch puzzles /

View 3D Wordsearch on Amazon.co.uk >>>

Wiggle Wordsearch and Other Variants

Here's another novel twist on the standard wordsearch - a range of puzzles that bend the standard wordsearch solving rules slightly!

This book contains various different types of wordsearch, including bendy wordsearch in which answers contain a bend in them, making them harder to solve than standard wordsearch. But that's not all! This book contains plenty more variety, including wordsearch puzzles that contain the answers in a circular shape, or around the sides of a square. There are even puzzles that involve finding numbers in the grid rather than words.

Finally, there are a couple of other puzzle types called a hidden word wordsearch which is a little like finding a needle in a haystack: a word appears in the grid once only, and you must find where it is. That's made a lot harder due to the fact that the only letters in the grid are the ones in that word! Secondly there are multi-times wordsearch puzzles: with these you must find how many times a word is hidden in a grid: can you find every occurrence?

If you enjoy trying different varieties of a puzzle, then we hope you'll love this puzzle book.

Variant wordsearch puzzles /

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Hard Wordsearch

The puzzles in this book all play by the standard wordsearch solving rules, in which each word is hidden in the grid once and you must find where it is located.

However, to up the ante, there are various false starts and near misses placed in the grid for each of these themed puzzles. For instance, if the puzzle is called 'Constellations' and you need to find the word 'Aries' then you might expect to find the letters 'Arie' in the grid, so you must be very careful and not start circling / highlighting the letters of a word until you are sure you have really found it, rather than just one of the many red herrings that appear in the grid!

Hard wordsearch puzzles /

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