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Sudoku Puzzle Books for Adults

Sudoku puzzles are undoubtedly the most popular logic puzzle in the world, and are solved by millions of people daily in newspapers, magazines, books and also online. Whilst the puzzle type is a relative newcomer to the puzzle solving scene, at least compared to other stalwarts such as the crossword and the wordsearch, it is as firmly embedded now on the puzzle scene as those perennial favourites.

Undoubtedly a large part of the appeal of the sudoku puzzle comes from its simplicity - the rules can be explained in one line. They are, of course: place the numbers from 1-9 once in each region of the grid (row, column and 3x3 box). That's all there is to it! And yet from that very simple rule comes a puzzle with surprisingly interesting logic and depth, and it is possible to create puzzles that range in difficulty from the extremely easy to the fiendishly difficult just with that one simple rule.

Sudoku puzzles start with symmetrically placed givens in the majority of places - and this combined with the fact all those empty cells at the start of the puzzle are crying out to be filled in - are distinctive elements of this puzzle type.

We have a large range of sudoku books for sales, from the standard 9x9 puzzles through to all sorts of interesting variants. Whilst it is impossible to list them all on one page, here are some sudoku books that we hope will be of interest to you - if there's something you'd like to see (such as a book of a particular variant) that isn't listed below then please do contact us and we'll let you know if we have it or not.

Sudoku a Day 2022

This is the latest addition to our popular puzzle a day range. The sudoku a day 2022 book contains 366 daily puzzles - one for each day of 2022 and a bonus for 1st January 2023. So if you like to solve a daily sudoku, then this book is ideal for you!

We have also included all the solutions at the back of the book, so it is easy to find out if your answers are correct.

sudoku a day 2022 book /

View Sudoku A Day 2022 on Amazon.co.uk >>>

Jigsaw Sudoku a Day 2022

One of the most popular variants of sudoku is of course the jigsaw sudoku. There is one difference between this and the standard puzzle type: the regular 3x3 boxes are replaced with jigsaw-style regions which wiggle around the grid (these are also known as irregular sudoku puzzles). Jigsaw sudoku are typically harder than standard sudoku as it's harder for the eye to keep track of the squiggly regions than it is the ordered 3x3 boxes of a standard grid. Another difference is that each puzzle grid, given it has a different configuration, solves in a slightly different way, and some patterns are undoubtedly harder than others. This book contains a puzzle for every day of the year:

jigsaw a day 2022 book /

View Jigsaw Sudoku A Day 2022 on Amazon.co.uk >>>

Variant Sudoku Puzzles 2022

If you are interested in trying lots of different sudoku variants, then this could be the book for you! Containing 366 puzzles equally split between various sudoku variations, which are:

  • Arrow Sudoku
  • Consecutive Sudoku
  • Anti-Knight Sudoku
  • Jigsaw Sudoku
  • Killer Sudoku
  • Sandwich Sudoku
  • 3D Snowflake Sudoku
  • Sudoku (classic)
  • Sudoku X
  • Thermo Sudoku
So if you like sudoku variants (or would like to give them a try!) then we hope this book will be ideal for you.

variant sudoku book /

View Sudoku and Variants on Amazon.co.uk >>>

Giant 3D Sudoku

Speaking of challenges, they don't come much bigger (or harder) than 3D sudoku puzzles!

This book contains 101 3D-grid solving challenges. The puzzle consists of no fewer than 27 faces of a cube in the grid, and each of these must contain 1-9 once only. In addition, there are 54 rows and columns that must also contain 1-9 once only. Can you visualise the 3D grid and solve the puzzles? Fair warning: these are tricky puzzles that will take lots of concentration and patience to solve, however that makes a successful solve even more satisfying than with a standard sudoku!

If you'd like to find out more about this book, here is the cover and the link to purchase it underneath:

3D sudoku puzzles /

Giant 3D Sudoku on Amazon.co.uk >>>

Samurai Sudoku and Variants

Here is another tough sudoku puzzle book! It contains samurai sudoku puzzles - these consist of five overlapping grids that share various regions. So you now have a giant puzzle to solve! As if that alone isn't hard enough, this book contains various different types of samurai sudoku.

Variants featured include consecutive samurai, futoshiki samurai, offset samurai, and even grids that combine variosu different solving rules at the same time.

You'll need all your sudoku-solving skills functioning well to solve these puzzles, so again these are difficult puzzles and only for those who like a challenge! However as with all our books, every puzzle can be solved through the use of logical rules alone and has a single solution: you will never need to guess to solve any of our sudoku puzzles and variants.

Samurai sudoku variant puzzles /

View Samurai Sudoku Variants on Amazon.co.uk >>>

If you are a publisher looking to purchase puzzles for publication, or a license to use material from our books, please use this Contact Form to get in touch.

For individuals with comments, questions or ideas with regard to our puzzle books, then please use this Contact Form to drop us a line.

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