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Personalised Codeword Book

Welcome to this unique and special book of 100 codeword puzzles, personalised for your loved one! Does your Grandad love word puzzles? Nana mad about solving them all? Look no further than our brilliant collection of wordsearch, which makes the perfect gift! The pages also feature a quirky little page number element.. click the below interior link to see!

Packed with a great collection of challenging coded puzzles, this book is sure to keep the solver entertained for hours. Printed on a large page size (8.5 x 11 inches) with clear and easy to read words, these puzzles are great for those looking for something a little easier on the eye.

Whether you're looking for a less challenging puzzle to wind down with, or you are wanting to really work your brain and tackle the more difficult grids, there's definitely something to keep you busy here.

If you get stuck along the way or need a little inspiration, turn towards the back of the book where you will find full solutions.

All books are printed on very high quality paper, making the puzzle experience all the more enjoyable!

If you would like to try a few of the puzzles before buying this book, please click the link below:

Grandad codewords

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If you're based in Europe but outside the UK, then this book is also available on the version of Amazon in your country.

grandad codeword interior

pgrandad codeword cover

How to solve a Codeword Puzzle

In our new series of videos, you can learn about new puzzle types and take part in quizzes. Why not have a watch?

Codewords are a lovely word puzzle that will require some logic combined with a good knowledge of the English language and vocabularly. This video is a walkthrough of how to solve a typical codeword puzzle with three clues, and you can try the puzzle before watching if you like...

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