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Personalised Family Puzzle Book

"Grandad was thrilled to get this book. It will enable him to keep his brain alert and in thought mode. A good gift for a Grandad of any age.★ ★ ★ ★ ★ " - Patricia

These books are brilliant gifts that are ideal for birthdays or Christmas. The books contain 100 puzzles across a range of different puzzle types, and the book is called, for instance, "Grandad's Brilliant Book of Puzzles". We have these books available for a huge range of relatives as you'll see from the bottom of the page. No matter what you call your relatives, we're sure to have the perfect book for you. Whether your grandfather is Grandad, Gramps, Grandpa, Bampi or Grampy, we have the book for you!

With so much content packed into each title, your Family & Friends are sure to love their very own puzzle book, the perfect gift idea for anyone - and especially those who are puzzle lovers!

Each book contains 20 themed word search puzzles so it is not just the cover that makes this a personalised gift, as these 20 wordsearches are unique to the person of your choice. For instance, Grandad has to find his name hidden in the grid, but all letters in the grid are either G, R, A, N, or D making it really tricky to solve! Other puzzles include:

Crosswords - the classic crossword puzzle
Word Wheels - great test of your vocabularly
Kakuro - a little like a maths crossword
Word Ladders - find words to move from the top to the bottom
Maths Squares - fun little maths brainteaser
Sudoku - the classic sudoku puzzle
Codewords - crack the code and complete the crossword grid
Find The Word - the themed puzzles just for the named relation

All of our puzzle books are printed on very high quality paper making the puzzle experience all the more enjoyable. If by any chance you don't find a book for the relation or name you want, then just let us know and we'll create the book just for you!

If you would like to try a few of the puzzles before buying this book, please click to view Puzzles for a brilliant Mum sample

To buy now, just click the relevant link below to purchase this book via Amazon:

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Daddy's puzzles Daddy's puzzles
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Mum's brilliant puzzle book cover

Mum's brilliant puzzle book interior

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