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Codewords for Kids: 50 super-fun codewords for children aged 8-12

Codewords for Kids: 50 super-fun codewords for children aged 8-12Welcome to this exciting book, featuring 100 codeword puzzles for kids!
This is a great gift for kids who love cracking codes, solving puzzles, and keeping their brain active in down time.

Within this book you will find three difficulty levels for each puzzle: easy, medium and hard. The number of letters given at the start of each puzzle gradually reduces. This allows for the most skilled codeword breakers to get stuck into the hard puzzles whilst also easing the beginners through to the most challenging codewords.

The aim of a codeword is to complete the grid with words, almost like a crossword, and a number code is given from 1-26 where each number represents a different letter of the alphabet. Every letter from A-Z is used and it is your job to work out which letter is represented by each number. Some of these are given to you right at the start of the puzzle to help you on your way to solving the codeword.

Sometimes, there may be words that you are unfamiliar with depending on how old you are - if this is the case, all solutions are given at the back of the book to help you if you get stuck. Our top tip is to also look up the word in the dictionary so you will know the definition for next time. You may even like to try and use that word in your day to day life! This way you are not only having a great time cracking the codewords but are also learning the spelling and meaning of different words. Be prepared to wow your friends and family with your new vocabulary!

Good luck discovering our hidden messages and we hope you enjoy this fun collection of codewords for kids.

Interested in buying this book or would like further information and to look inside? This book is available to buy from Amazon for £4.99. Click the button below to view the book on Amazon: