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Crosswords for Kids: 100 super-fun crosswords for children aged 8-12

Crosswords for Kids: 100 super-fun crosswords for children aged 8-12Welcome to this brand-new Crosswords for Kids book containing 100 crosswords written in British English!

The book is split into three difficulty levels:

- 30 x easy crosswords
- 40 x medium crosswords
- 30 x hard crossword

This ensures that there is something for everyone to solve and enjoy from crossword solving beginners, through to those who have a lot more practice under their belt!

The difficulty of the puzzles increases, alongside the size of the grids, as the solver makes their way through the book. It starts with small 7x7 puzzles using relatively simple vocabulary and clues, moving onto harder 9x9 grids and words, and finally to 11x11 grids with more difficult vocabulary and clues.

We recommend children aged 8-12 would be suitable to solve each puzzle although any individual child could find the puzzles easier or more difficult than anticipated. Please bear in mind that this is a rough guide and may be different to each child despite our best efforts to select words and clues suitable for that age range.

This book includes full instructions on how to solve Crossword puzzles at the beginning and full solutions can be found at the back. This can be used to check answers or function as a prompt if there are places in the puzzle which are a little too difficult to solve!

We recommend that clues should be discussed with another person before looking at the solutions. Sometimes through teamwork and discussion the solution can be found! Any words that look unfamiliar can be remembered and learned - this way the book also helps increase spelling and vocabulary knowledge whilst also being a fun activity.

We hope you enjoy our Crosswords for Kids book!

Interested in buying this book or would like further information and to look inside? This book is available to buy from Amazon for £4.99. Click the button below to view the book on Amazon: