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Host Your Own Quiz: Everything you need to host your own trivia night

Host Your Own Quiz: Everything you need to host your own trivia nightWelcome to our brand-new Host Your Own Quiz! As stated in the name, this book was designed to provide you with all the skills needed to host your own trivia night for your friends and family! Inside you will find an exciting mix of topic prompts as well as a page specifically made for ranking your participants to decide the winner of each quiz. Who in your group will earn the title of champion?

Every quiz is made up of 5 topics and each topic includes 10 questions. It has been designed so everyone can get involved right through from the beginners to the quiz pros! We have given you an example quiz to start so that you understand how the rounds function and feel more comfortable with setting up your own. Also included are some tips for the quizmaster to set the best quizzing atmosphere.

This is a perfect book to whip out on a rainy day or to complete as part of a family tradition! By the end of the book you will be a pro quizmaster!

What you will need to complete your quiz:
1. A Quizmaster to fill in the questions and answers and supervise the quiz
2. At least 2 other players/teams
3. A pen or pencil for each player/team as well as some paper
4. A small prize for the winner!

That is all you need to host your own quiz!

Good luck! We hope this book is helpful in assisting you on putting on your own quiz nights!

Interested in buying this book or would like further information and to look inside? This book is available to buy from Amazon for £4.99. Click the button below to view the book on Amazon: