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Kriss Kross for Kids: 50 themed puzzles for children aged 8-12

Kriss Kross for Kids: 50 themed puzzles for children aged 8-12Kriss Kross for Kids includes 50 fun and new themed kriss kross puzzles. These puzzles are also known as letterfit and criss cross if you are familiar with the concept of them!

The aim of this puzzle type is simple yet addictingly entertaining! Each of the themed words provided must fit exactly once in the grid to create a filled crossword-style puzzle. As more words are placed into the grid, the puzzle gets easier as less and less options are available to the solver. At the beginning, some thought may be required to work out which of the words are most suited to each spot as sometimes it can seem that there is more than one way to make progress. We recommend using a pencil to complete each kriss kross as it can be a little tricky to work out which one would be correct! This way it is easy to rub out and correct any mistakes.

All the puzzles within the book are aimed at 8-12 years old age group and in total there are 50 themed puzzles in this book including a variety of themes including:

- Musical instruments
- Trees and flowers
- Arts and crafts
- Insects
- Environment
- Dances
- Colours
- Capital Cities
- Sea Creatures
- At the circus

… including many more! There is sure to be a topic the solver will be interested in and this book makes for a fun yet educational tool that improves spelling and general knowledge!

If the solver finds a word that they may not be familiar with this would be a good time to refer them to a dictionary so they can understand its meaning. This is an excellent way to teach your child how direct their own learning and discover new words to use day to day! Additionally, it might be fun to make a game out of some of the word lists. For instance, on the capital cities puzzle they might like to challenge themselves and see if they know which country the city is the capital of, and so on.
All the solutions for each puzzle can be found at the back of the book so answers can be checked easily or to give a helping hand if the solver gets stuck!

We hope everyone enjoys this themed book of Kriss Kross for Kids!

Interested in buying this book or would like further information and to look inside? This book is available to buy from Amazon for £4.99. Click the button below to view the book on Amazon: