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Large Print Logic Puzzles for Adults

Large Print Logic Puzzles for AdultsWelcome to this brand-new book, containing 50 fun large print cross-referencing logic puzzles!

In this large print book, each puzzle is spread over two pages. The left-hand page contains the grid in which you should fill with ticks and crosses as you reduce the possible options and work out the solution. On the right hand-page you will find the clues which have all the information necessary to complete the grid. On this page you will also find the table which is where you can record all the links you have made and ultimately solve the puzzle.

With a custom illustration for each page and an attractive layout, we hope you enjoy solving this collection of large-print logic puzzles and have fun putting your skills of deduction to the test! All of the puzzles have been designed to be accessible to logic puzzle solvers old and new - those with more experience might find them relatively easy, but nonetheless enjoyable! This is an ideal book for newer solvers who love to take in and analyse information or for those who would just like a fun challenge that is not too difficult to complete successfully.

This is a great book for casual solvers who like to unwind with a puzzle at the end of the day. We recommend that you have a nice cup of tea or coffee at hand when tackling each puzzle!

All of the solutions are included in the back of the book for you to check your answers or to pick up a small hint. Happy solving!

Interested in buying this book or would like further information and to look inside? This book is available to buy from Amazon for £4.99. Click the button below to view the book on Amazon: