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Path Finder Puzzles: 100 fantastic themed word trail puzzles

Path Finder Puzzles: 100 fantastic themed word trail puzzlesWelcome to this fun collection of 100 path finder puzzles! This book would be a great activity for those who love word puzzles as well as learning information and terminology about new topics! Each of the puzzles are themed and the rules are as followed if you have not seen this puzzle type before:

A collection of words themed around a topic are placed in a grid of letters. You must uncover the words and connect them together in a single line that visits every square in the grid exactly once. You can move from each square either vertically or horizontally.

Sometimes you might not be sure which direction you should move to next, or perhaps there are more than one way to make words. If this happens, you will have to deduce what you know for sure first, and then work your way through the uncertainties by analysing where each word is placed on the grid and comparing them with alternate options. It might be helpful to come back to these uncertain words later once you have ruled out other placements elsewhere in the grid.

There is only one possible way to make a correct solution that joins all the word together into a single line that passes every square on the grid once whilst finding all the words. To help you along, a list of words under each themed topic is provided so you can eliminate them as you go along. If, however, you are an expert in these puzzle types and would like to make things a little trickier then it might be more fun to cover up the words and see if you can solve the puzzle without looking back at the list!

If you get stuck there is no need to worry as all the solutions are given at the back of the book! This is also included for you to check your answers.

We hope you have fun solving our path finder puzzles!

Interested in buying this book or would like further information and to look inside? This book is available to buy from Amazon for £4.99. Click the button below to view the book on Amazon: