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Star Battle Puzzle Book: 100 puzzles and solutions

Star Battle Puzzle Book: 100 puzzles and solutionsWelcome to this new and exciting book, containing 100 star battle puzzles!

There are 20 'easy' 6x6 puzzles to help introduce you to the puzzle type, in which you must place one star, followed by 80 puzzles on a larger 10x10 grid with two stars to place in each case. These are subdivided into 40 standard puzzles, and 40 harder ones for when you become an expert star battler!

If you’re new to star battle, here are the rules for the 6x6 puzzles: Place one star in each row, column, and bold-lined region of the grid.

And for the 10x10 puzzles: Place two stars in each row, column, and bold-lined region of the grid.

It is important to remember that stars cannot touch - even diagonally!

All puzzles can be solved using logic alone so there is no need for you to guess where each star should be placed. It is useful to note that the fact stars cannot touch, even diagonally, means that there can only be one star in a 2x2 block of cells anywhere in the grid.

All solutions are included at the back of the book for you to check your answers for each puzzle.

This book is a great gift for those who love sudoku puzzle books but who would like a fresh new challenge that uses a similar mechanic! Those who love to use deduction alone to solve problems would also love this puzzle type to complete on the go or to unwind with after a long day.

We hope you enjoy solving these puzzles!

Interested in buying this book or would like further information and to look inside? This book is available to buy from Amazon for £4.99. Click the button below to view the book on Amazon: