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The Junior Code Breaker Book

The Junior Code Breaker BookWelcome to this brand-new junior code breaker book filled with 50 intriguing code puzzles to crack: can you solve them all?

You have begun to receive mysterious letters in the post from a top-secret organisation named The Hidden Thistle. This organisation wants your help to reveal the identity of a jewel thief who has been committing high-profile robberies around the world. You have been identified by their mysterious intelligence experts as a future code breaker. Because of this, you will receive fifty puzzles from The Hidden Thistle to crack in order to help them in their goal.

Solve all of the challenges presented to you and use the words they reveal to help you unmask the villain and save jewellers around the world from financial ruin. Are you ready for the challenge?

This incredible new book features a great range of 50 puzzles that will test your various skills in logic, lateral thinking, numerical ability and, of course, code-breaking skills. If you happen to get stuck on a particularly tricky puzzle, we have provided hints to help you on your journey. The solutions to each of the puzzles can be found at the back of the book for you to check your answers. Keep a look out as there are even some secret bonus puzzles for you to uncover as you go along!

In terms of age range, our suggestion is that approximately 8-12 years old is the target range for the book, however all children vary and additionally puzzles cover quite a range of difficulties, so there is no hard-and-fast rule. Below we outline some of the types of puzzles involved in the book so you can see the range and also get an idea of difficulty.

- A maze puzzle where by the solution reveals another answer word

- A kriss kross puzzle, revealing an answer once filled in

- Various code puzzles. These vary from fairly straightforward codes that require the solver to shift up or down the alphabet a letter for instance 'CAT' could be represented as 'DBU' in such a code), through to more complicated codes that will be tougher to crack and will be more suitable for the slightly older age range

- Chess style puzzle

- Shape splitting puzzle

- A riddle

- 'Say what you see' style rebus puzzles

- Many visual / word-based logic puzzles and codes to try to crack and decode

Here are a couple of visual samples:

Code cracking puzzle for kids

Code puzzle for children

Through the range of codes to crack in this junior code breaker book, covering various areas such as logic, code breaking, visual reasoning and more we hope to provide you with lots of ‘aha’ moments upon cracking a code and solving each puzzle successfully.


Happy solving!

Interested in buying this book or would like further information and to look inside? This book is available to buy from Amazon for £4.99. Click the button below to view the book on Amazon: