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Times Tables Home Learning Practice Ages 7-11: with 2,400 times table practice sums!

Times Tables Home Learning Practice Ages 7-11: with 2,400 times table practice sums!Welcome to this educational new book containing a whopping 2,400 multiplication sums to transform you into a times table genius! This collection was created with the advice and feedback from a maths teacher with many years of experience in teaching.

This book starts with the 1 times table right through to the 12 times table, starting with the easier, smaller numbers to the higher and harder numbers which can be found later in the book. In total there are no fewer than 200 multiplication sums for each number from 1-12!

On each page you can expect to be greeted with 50 multiplication sums. You may come across the same sum a few times – this is because, ultimately, practice makes perfect! Each time you come across a sum you can expect to find them a little easier each time and you may even solve them at record speed!

To help keep track as to how well you are progressing in the book, you can record how much time it takes you to solve each page of sums by making a note at the bottom of the page. There is also space to make a note as to how many you get right! If you decide to practice every day, see how much quicker you can solve a page of sums or, if you complete multiple pages a day, track you progress over the course of an afternoon!

If ever you need to check your answers you can find the solutions at the back of each practice page, laid out identically, so it is very easy (and quick!) to check your answers and see how many sums you have completed correctly. Included are lots of tips on multiplying with various numbers and hints as to how to make these sums easier for you.

This is a great book to brush up your number skills for over the holidays or for a fun daily competition to complete for yourself on car journeys, for rainy days, or simply just for fun! It is also a great present on birthdays or for Christmas for those who enjoy sums or just need a little more practice ready for school!

We hope you enjoy this book and find it a fun and approachable way to practice your mental maths skills at home. You’ll be a multiplying master in no time!

Interested in buying this book or would like further information and to look inside? This book is available to buy from Amazon for £3.79. Click the button below to view the book on Amazon: