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Variety Wordsearch Puzzle Book for Adults

Variety Wordsearch Puzzle Book for AdultsWelcome to this fantastic collection of wordsearches containing a total of 100 Puzzles including wiggle wordsearch, circle search, square search and more!

This book contains a wide range of various types of wordsearch puzzles for you to complete and enjoy. If you are fond of wordsearches but would like a change from words appearing in a straight line, then this is the perfect puzzle book for you!

Here's a breakdown of all the types of wordsearch included in this book:

Wiggle wordsearch: In total there are fifty of these puzzles in the book, the words can be found in the grid moving from letter to letter horizontally or vertically, and so they appear to wiggle in the grid, hence the name!

Circle search: all the words appear around the edge of a circle

Count the times: a word has been hidden in the grid more than once - how many times can it be found?

Hidden word: a word has been hidden in a grid filled with the same letters appearing in that word - can you find the needle in the haystack?

Number wiggles: this is just like wiggle wordsearch, but with numbers instead!

Squares: each answer appears around the sides of 3 x 3 squares, going clockwise or anticlockwise

'V' wordsearch: the words can be found in the shape of the letter 'V' in the grid

Zigzag wordsearch: all words are placed in the grid with one bend in them, that may go horizontally, vertically, or diagonally

The solutions to all the puzzles can be found at the back of the book for you to check your answers or to gather a hint to help you solve a puzzle! We really hope you enjoy this novelty collection of wordsearch variants as much as we have enjoyed compiling it for you!

Interested in buying this book or would like further information and to look inside? This book is available to buy from Amazon for £4.99. Click the button below to view the book on Amazon: